beauty sleep while camping double sleeping bag!



Many of us started camping when we were young and very single. And as such, the standard single sleeping bag worked fine. But what happens when you find that perfect adventure partner for life? You get a double sleeping bag!

After spending a few months doubling up on a regular basis, we’re convinced that it’s one of the appealing extravagances of camping: A big bag can keep you cozy through shared body heat, give you more room to stretch out, and facilitate romance (scientifically proven to make your bag hotter).

But the best reason to get a double sack may be that it makes camping more like sleeping in your own bed at home, which just may help the camping enthusiast of a couple convince the other to get out into the wild a little more often.

Also, our West Double™ only weighs 1kg (2.2lbs), making it easy to carry everywhere!