Lovely Rabbit Rechargeable Juicer Cup



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  1. Lovely Rabbit Household Portable USB Rechargeable Juicer Cup Fruit Blender Mixer Portable mini size Fruit Juicer

This mini fruit juicer is durable,
eco-friendly and practical to use.


Easy to use: They’re great for everyday use, and
really easy to clean.

Easy to carry and clean: The electric portable juicer has
mini body and USB rechargeable batteries, suitable for outdoor, traveling,
shopping, and any other places you want.

Wide application: It is perfect for making smoothie,
juice, milkshake, salad or even baby food, etc.

How to use:

1.Wash the fruit and cut it into small pieces of about
15x15mm. (For fruits with stones, hard materials, thick skins or hard shells,
please remove them first)
2. Put in fruit, about 60% of the volume of the cup, add 20% of water or milk,
so that the total amount of about 80% of the volume of the cup.
3. After the motor rotates, tighten the cup cover, turn over the cup body,
start the switch, etc., and place it in place. When working, gently shake the
juice cup for better juice extraction.
4. After juice extraction is complete, turn off the power switch, and then
unscrew the lid to drink. If too much fruit remains, use a filter before



Origin: CN(Origin)

Style: Vertical

Model Number: Fruit Juicer

Material: ABS

Power (W):220W


Port Shape: ROUND

Container Volume:< 500ml

Cup Body
Material: Plastic


Function: Juicing

Function: Milk