Solar Camping Shower



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Ever felt the need of a hot shower while camping or hiking?

Solar Camping Shower is a Multipurpose Outdoor Shower Companion equipped with PVC balance tube, boom, and cables, which can be installed in tents or branches. It is a smart heat-absorbing design, keeping its temperature at 113° F (45°C) for 3 hours and direct sunlight.

Portable Solar Heated Hydration Bag

Premium Quality & Mechanism

It is 20L highly developed Head Solar shower bag. It is provided with a pipe, shower head and water tap. The enhanced showerhead provides a simple on/off button with low water flow to the top, which is easy to blow.

Portable Solar Heated Hydration Bag

Equipped with Advanced Technology

The Solar Shower Bag is provided with a long enough pipe, water pump and a leading shower head that is very flexible in different water flow to control water yield. Our sturdy shower case allows for long-lasting suspension, and the design of the front pack helps keep soap, car and other shower accessories in place.

”A pleasant and cool shower anywhere!”


An expedient storage bag, having a large filling valve with a twisted cap for easy filling of water. The volume of water is huge at 5 Gallons (20 liters). A flexible shower hose with a showerhead on /off makes for good ventilation.

Portable Solar Heated Hydration Bag with Shower Attachment (50% OFF)

Key Benefits

The superior showerhead provides a simple ON/OFF switch with low to lofty water flow. Bringing you a great feeling of bathing in the wilderness!
PVC material can effectively absorb solar energy to heat the water inside the bag.
Heating of water is up to 113° F (45°C) for three hours on a direct day.
The shower carrier is prepared by PVC material which is environmentally friendly.
It is a jumbo-sized bag that can effortlessly bear up to 5 GALLONS (20Liters) water in remote areas.
Ideal for hiking, fishing, hunting and outdoor activities.